GrowthBoard for Trello measures every marketing task result to accelerate your growth by up to 40% starting next week

Not collecting every task result stops
you from being a Unicorn
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If you start attaching web analytics data to your tasks in Trello,
your customer loyalty increases by 47% 

Access All Your Web Analytics Data Right from Trello Cards

Marketing Teams
Link marketing tasks to their results in one click. Now you'll know which actions were successful and which weren't. 
Growth Hackers
Each of your experiment effect will be measured instantly. You'll quickly find out where the real Growth Hack is.
Growth Teams
Test more growth hypotheses and spend no time on the Measure step in the Build-Measure-Learn cycle.
Find out which user story is most demanded and which is least just by attaching the needed metric right to the task.

Use Natural Language to Find the Metric You Need

How to Start

1. Enable GrowthBoard Power-Up
2. Click GrowthBoard on Your Board
3. Connect to Web Analytics Tool